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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Love in a box - A personalized gift

Wondering what this post is all about ? Well,it is about expressing your love.Hmm??Still don't get it ?I thought instead of just saying "I love you ", how about expressing those words with the real words.Yes!! It is about  making a garland saying "I love you" with some love poems, gift card ,pictures ,etc and securing it in a box. When your love opens it, the box says it all. I think writing a love letter has totally become a old style and so to bring it back in a different and interesting way,I came up with this idea.Let us see , how to make it.

Materials Required :
Pastel color Card stocks
Color Markers
Xacto knife 
Clear tape 
A box 

Step 1: Measure the size of the box and decide the letters size the box can accommodate. I got a circular box and the maximum length and width my box could accommodate was 4 x 4 inches. Measure two 4 x 4 inches and draw the letter with ruler and pencil on the second square as shown in the picture. This is done to make your letters fold able so that you can write poems or keep a gift card or a photo inside.If you just want "I Love You" garland then you can go with just one 4 x 4 inches square and draw your letters. 

Step 2: Cut your letter with xacto knife leaving one side to fold over.Fold the letter to the another square and trace the letter .Cut it with xacto knife.Do the same step to all the letters. For the letters "V and "Y" , do it side wise so that ,it will open bottom to top instead of right to left.

I flipped the paper so it looking reverse.

Step 3: Now decide what you want to include in your letters. I decided to include a gift card and a photo in the letters "O" .So I added a piece of card to hide the opening and used a removable double side tape to stick the card inside the letter. In the same way I also added a  picture in another "O"(That is the first picture we took together :) so it is very memorable one for us).Also write some love quotes , reasons to love you or a typically love letter and fill in other words.

 Step 4: I used markers and ruler to add some stripes in the letters but this step is totally optional. You can also add dots,circles or decorate it with stickers or even some zentangle designs if you wish.The options are endless.

Step 5: Once everything is done, secure each letter with a small strip of tape. Attach the letters to the ribbon. Leave a good amount of ribbon at the ends so that they can even use it as a garland later. Attach one end of the ribbon the box lid and another end inside the box so that when your loved one open the box ,it will spell the word .You can also fill the box with some candies for additional fun :).That is it :) :) Your love in a box is ready to gift :)

How cool is that ? My husband loved this gift :) So I think it will be a hit if you try it too. No problem if you don't celebrate valentines day. It is totally customizable for any occasion. This idea works great even for birthdays. So, let me know in the comments below on what you think about this idea. Have you ever tried anything like this ?

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