Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Some Makeovers & Good Finds

Anything that is plain,blank will catch my eye with urge to make it look new & colourful .I always wish things around me to be colourful and definitely not in plain,black & white or blank.I got few teak wood bowls in flea market for a very good deal.I just did not have any idea for what I am going to use it for but I was sure I will definitely find a purpose for it.I thought a little makeover will make it look more beautiful and I can use it for storing my accessories.

First I tried painting it with normal acrylic paint.I was not satisfied with the result as it was very light and it did not stick nicely.Next I decided to tried it with Martha Stewart Multi surface paint,Yes!!! It did the job really nicely.I used the satin green and violet along with metallic gold paint.

Cover the top and bottom with masking tape and draw the designs roughly with white crayons (optional).What next ??? Of course !!Painting.Choose your favourite colours and designs ,apply two to three coats and seal it with a acrylic sealer.Voila!!!You now have a new bowls with super cool designs !!Isn;t it colourful ??

Lately, I'm so obsessed with the gold paint and so with sharpie metallic markers.I used these markers and gave a little makeover to my hard disk , Book holder and a small pouch.Here are the before and after.
Used a quote from Google Images as an inspiration to do this

Tutorial for this is coming soon.

Isn't crazy ?? Used sharpie gold marker to draw this paisley.

Tip : To remove Sharpie marker from any of these or some scribbling by a little kid ,use rubbing alcohol to remove it.

What things that you will do a makeover at your home?Feel free to share your comments below or write to will be happy to hear from you.

Some Good finds ...
do Terra Essential oils :
As I am going to my home country next month, I was searching around the internet to find some good and useful stuffs to get for my parents and grandparents.I have never used essential oils but have heard about it in many videos I see.So, I thought first I should give a try before I get it for my grandparents. I ordered Introductory kit in amazon a month ago to give it a try.
Peppermint oil :
My husband  usually has tablets when he gets headache , I totally want him to avoid using it.So, last time when he had headache, he used peppermint oil and it really worked !!! Even I tried it once when I got and really worked for me too.
Lavender oil :
When I was working on sewing project yesterday,I cut my hand with scissors and I suddenly remembered about do Terra. Now, Its time to test the lavender oil . I left a drop of it in my hand and used tissue paper above it to stop the blood.It was so soothing that I dint even have the feeling that I had a cut.So ,Lavender also works!!
Lemon oil :
Still did not find any great use for it.But I tried it using two drops in my water bottle as mentioned but I did not like the taste .I felt the lemon juice would taste great compared to using lemon oil in the water.I am sorry Mr.Lemon :( .Soon, will find a good use for you too !.

This image is taken from the web.

Next comes...
Sugru :
Have you ever heard about Sugru ??It is a self setting rubber for fixing and improving stuffs at your home.I don't know why I liked it a lot before even trying it, I ordered 2 packs instead of one :P by mistake. I think may be because it looks like polymer clay :) . Now I got another new item to get crafty with :) .I used sugru yesterday to cover the ends of iPad charger to prevent it from breaking .From now I don't have to worry about carefully pulling them in and out while putting it to charge and unplugging.
To know more about Sugru and crafty ways of using it , click here.

This image is taken from the web.
Note :This is not a sponsored post by Sugru or doTerra.They are no way related to this post. These products are purchased by me and  these are my personal opinions about the products.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day !!!

As today is Earth day ,lets celebrate by making some recycle or upcycle crafts.I am listing the links to various recycle or upcycle crafts I have done so far.

1) Crafts from Cereal box
2) Eyeglass case makeover
3) Pen holder using magazine papers
4) Milk jug crafts
5) Containers Makeover
6) Glass etching
7) Flower vase from a juice bottle.

What are you waiting for ??I am sure you will have supplies to make any one of these projects lying around your home.Grab them and start crafting to celebrate the day.

Have fun Crafting!!

If you have any clarifications,feel free to leave your comments below or write to

Friday, April 18, 2014

DIY No Sew Shape Pillows

I am going to my home country for vacation and I was thinking what handmade to make and take for my young cousins and aunt's sons.I thought they will love some colorful fun shaped pillows.As I have no sewing machine ,I made these pillows with fabric glue.Made a sample pillow to test the strength of the glue and yes!It works!!.Just a few simple steps to make a colourful huggable pillow for your kids.Lets see how to make it.
Materials required :
1/2 yard of solid cotton fabric
Poly-fill for stuffing
Fabric glue(I used Aleene's OK to wash it)
Fabric scissors.
Tailor's chalk/marker.

Step 1: Iron your fabric and fold it in such a way you have two layers of fabric and right sides facing each other.
Step 2: Draw your pattern on to pattern paper/newspaper and cut it.(I just did it free hand.)Trace the pattern on to the wrong side of the fabric .Leave 1/2 to 1 inch seam allowance ,if you have not cut the pattern with seam allowance.

Step 3:Cut the fabric pieces and apply the glue all over the edge of the pattern leaving a gap such that your one hand can go through for filling the stuffing. (This should be done by keeping both the pieces right sides facing each other.

Step 4: Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours (Refer the instructions on the glue bottle) and turn the pieces inside out using that gap.If you feel you did not get a crisp edges ,turn it to the wrong side again and make small slits in the seam allowance (As shown) all over and reverse it.Be patient and careful while doing this because if you make a large slit it will spoil the pillow.

Step 5: Fill it with the stuffing and close the gap with the glue .To keep it closed , use binder clip or cloth pin after applying glue.Leave it ,for 24 hours to dry . Tada!!your shape pillow is now ready!!

I took the shapes from the fabric prints I used for the pillows.Like lady bug body shape ,owl outline and the silly monkey face.

I also made some car pillows for my aunt's son in the same procedure above and one car pillow with a little additional steps. My aunt has got a new car so I thought it would be fun to make a pillow in the same color and shape of the new car to present it to my aunt's 4 year old son.Can't wait to see his reaction for this pillows :):)
I used Heat and bond interfacing and solid white cotton fabric to add white windows and wheels.I used black fabric markers to add details.

Some work in progress pictures of the blue car pillow.
Trace your windows & wheels on to the white solid cotton fabric.Don't forget to trace one set of windows by flipping the pattern.

Iron the Heat and bond to the wrong side with the plain white side up(Refer the instruction on the pack).

Cut the windows ,peel the backing and Iron to the pillow.

Use the fabric marker and add the details !!

You can also use white fabric paint to add windows, if you don't want to use heat and bond sheets.

If you want to sew these pillows replace the glue with stitches and to do the final step ,sew the gap with a row of stitches or hand sew.

If you make a pillow,what shape will you make ? Feel free to share your comments below or write to for any clarifications.

Have fun Crafting !!

Note : I have linked the materials I used and some sewing terminologies if you are new to sewing,for your convenience .I got all the materials at Jo-Ann so I have linked to their website.This post is not sponsored by Jo-Ann :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

DIY Memo Board

I was roaming around Marshalls Stores after putting my clothes in the laundry.I saw a simple memo board which was around $10.I said to myself why would I buy if can DIY(Do it yourself).And noted down that in my to do list.I made it and today sharing it with you all .Lets get started.

Materials Required :
1) Photo frame
2) Burlap Fabric (Less than quarter yard)
3) Foam board /Cork board
4) Glue /Glue gun
5) Scissors

Step 1: Remove the cardboard and glass from the picture frame.
Step 2: Use the same cardboard that came with the picture frame or use that as a stencil and trace it on a piece of cardboard and cut it.

Step 3: Cut the foam board a less than 0.5 cm on each side and glue it to the cardboard.I am using some left over foam board from my previous projects ,thats why it is two pieces.(Don't get confused !! :))

Step 4: Measure and cut the burlap leaving 2 inch on all sides and cover the board and glue it at the back.

Step 5: Place the board inside the picture frame and lock the frame.Voila!! Now you have your own memo board for your desk.How easy was that ??

Whenever I use post it notes, It never sticks on my wall(Do you have this experience??Or only me :(:() So from now I am just going to pin it than posting it :).You can use it to pin your photos,bills and of course to do list.
If you have a small work space and no space for big cork board to pin your lists & bills ,this is the perfect one for you.
You can use any kind of fabric for this but I feel it is best to use burlap because it will not get ruined when you use pins.I definitely don't recommend using printed paper because the pins will spoil the look and holes will be obvious once you take it out.
You can also use cork board instead of foam board.Any material that is not hard to use pins but at the same time not so soft that the pins will fall.Got it ?

Hope you enjoyed this DIY memo board.

Feel free to share your comments or write to .I will be happy to hear from you.

Happy Crafting!! :) :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Milk Jug crafts

Milk jug is one thing everyone will throw it after it is used.But I got inspired by the idea shared by Natalie from Creme de la craft and tried my hands on that idea.Though I did not get it right the first time ,it was worth trying it for 2 or 3 times.Yes , It was a sandwich box which she made from milk jug.But I personally prefer it for storing my supplies rather than using it for sandwich.I made one for my brother which he is using for storing his shaving kit.As always there are lot many uses for this milk jug but now we will see how to make a box.

Materials Required :
Milk jug
Xacto knife
Piece of wire/Thread
Duct tape(Optional)

Step 1:Mark the shape to cut as shown below.Mark the three semi circle flaps in such a way that they should overlap each other.

Step 2: Using xacto knife make a hole as shown and use scissors to cut the remaining shape.The final shape should be as shown below.

It should look like this after cutting.

Step 3: Decorate the closing flap .I used duct tape to decorate closing flap as well as the small flaps as I didn't remove the stickers.If you don't want the stickers to be shown you can decorate it or remove stickers by soaking it in water before you start to cut.You can also use paint, mod podge & paper ,washi tape ,etc to decorate it.

Step 4: After decorating ,now its time for attaching fasteners.,I am using a button and elastic to close the box. Make a hole and insert the elastic inside and tie a double knot to secure it.I used hair elastic as closure.If you don't have one you can get the normal elastic used for sewing.

Step 5: Use needle and thread to attach the button in the closing flap or make a small hole with a knife and insert the button using a piece of wire and twist the wire after inserting to prevent it from falling and secure it with the tape.Yay!!! you are done.You can now use your beautiful decorated box for storing your supplies.I am using it for storing my craft supplies.What will you use it for ??

Another simple way to use your milk jug ,

Step 1: Cut you milk jug all around below the handle by using xacto knife and scissors.

Step 2: Cover them with duct tape and decorate it with some stickers.As said before you can also use paint,washi tape,mod podge and paper,etc to decorate it.

Step 3: You can also use as such ,or cut a strip from the already cutout piece of milk jug and cover it with duct tape and staple it on both the sides to look like "Basket".If you are doing it for kids ensure that you use a piece of tape both inside and out side to cover the staples so that they don't get hurt with the ends of the pins.Or better to use a needle and thread to attach the handle. I love this after attaching the handle , I felt like a kid and was walking here and there with this basket for few mins after crafting this :P And I am sure your kids will love to have one like this to store their toys or crayons.Or may be if you are like me you can make one for yourself :)
Easter is approaching and this is one of the best way to make a Easter Basket under budget :).Oh yes !!Forgot to mention.It passed the weight test.I tested with 15 bottles of paint (As shown).

Hope you enjoyed this post.Feel free to share your comments below or write to for any clarifications .I will be happy to hear from you.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

DIY Braided Bracelets

Few months ago ,I posted a picture of the suede leather bracelets which I made and many liked it and was willing to have one for them.So, I decided to write a post on how to do the bracelets so everyone can make their own.Lets get started.

Materials Required :
1) Suede leather cord (4 X 10") - Colour of your choice
2) 3 in 1 pliers
3) Scissors
4) 2 Ribbon and crimp clasps (15 mm)
5) 1 Lobster Clasp
6) 2 Jump rings
7) Extension link
8) Binder clip(Optional)

Some of these terms may sound different to you if you are new to jewelry making.So, I have attached an image to every item to get you an idea of what is it. I have mentioned 3 in 1 pliers because it is handy one for those make jewelry very rarely.It does all the three functions which a round nose plier ,flat nose plier and a wire cutter do.If you already have these pliers then you are good to make use of it.

Step 1: Measure the length of the cord by wrapping around your hand. I made a 7 inch bracelet for which I took 10 inch length of four cords.It is always better to have extra length of two or three inches more than needed.I took two 10 inch length of green and two 10 inch length of pink.You can make a single colour bracelet or multi colored ones.

Step 2: Place the four cords together inside the ribbon and crimp clasp and press it together with flat nose plier to tighten and secure it.(Refer picture).You can also do this later and use binder clip for braiding.

Step 3: Lets start braiding.I have named the cords as 1,2,3 & 4 from right to left. First step is to take the cord 1 and bring it above the cord 2 ,below the cord 3 and above the cord 4.

Step 4: Now, repeat the same step .Take the cord 2(refer picture above) bring it above the cord 3 ,below the cord 4 and above the cord 1.The mantra of this braid is you should just remember above ,below and above(From right to left) and continue to braid till the length you want.

Step 5: Once you reach the end ,wrap it around your hand and measure the length you want and trim the excess.Attach another ribbon and crimp clasp in the similar way as we did in the beginning.

Step 6: Open a jump ring (To do so, hold it as shown in 1st picture below and hold the other side in the hand and pull it towards you to create the opening.You can also hold the other side in another flat nose plier and do this step), insert the lobster clasp and one end of the ribbon clasp and close the jump ring as shown.Repeat the same on the other side by inserting extension link and other end of the ribbon clasp.

Step 7: Hurray!!!You are done!!Wear your own bracelet and enjoy the day !!!!

There are many ways of 4 strand braiding, I found this one interesting so I followed this.You can also experiment with other ways in different color combinations.What color will you prefer your bracelet to be ?

Feel free to share your comments below or write to for any clarifications.I will be happy to hear from you.